Prestige Stone Care handles the restoration of all natural stones used for construction and décor. Years of service in the field have made it possible for the business to learn and adapt tricks that can easily address different marble problems. From cracks to stubborn spots, Prestige Stone Care is capable of accommodating them all.

For those who are currently wondering what the business can offer, following is an itemization of their capabilities. With experienced and dedicated people on the job, clients can be sure that Prestige Stone Care can provide only the best results in the industry.


Natural stones can get dirty overtime, often sporting white or dark spots that just can’t seem to be removed off the surface. This is often caused by spills that haven’t been cleaned off immediately, the color therefore managing to entrench itself deeply into the natural stone. Cleaning this type of problem requires more than just a wet mop since the stain is unlikely to budge. More often than not, professionals will use special cleaning products for this in order to carefully remove the stain without scratching the stone itself.


Over time, natural stones may become scratched, thereby decreasing their reflectivity. This problem may happen faster for some than for others, depending on the hardness of the stone. For example, slate tends to bruise easier than marble due to the differences in the composition. The goal of the polishing service is to get rid of these small scratches, therefore restoring the original shine of the natural stone.


For stone surfaces that are periodically exposed to staining materials, nothing but sealing will do. This will minimize the chances of grime and dirt sticking to the stone which can ruin its polish. The sealing process is best done in the kitchen where the possibility of spills and liquids are more rampant that those found in the living room or the bedroom. With the process completed, individuals wouldn’t have to worry too much about any marks on their floor and may even save them from further cleaning expenses.


Restoring the natural stone to its former glory may be necessary depending on the level of damage it has undergone. At some point, every type of natural stone needs to be restored since they accumulate problems that cannot be addressed by a simple repair. Restoration is typically a service that covers all the problems of the stone – removing the scratches, polishing the surface and filling in all the cracks.


Repair of natural stone is usually done if the surface is sporting cracks or lines that are immediately noticeable. This usually happens due to use, especially if the surface suffers through heavy traffic. Dropping heavy objects on the stone can also cause cracks that couldn’t be handled with simple polishing. More often than not, these cracks are filled with material that blends in perfectly with the stone, allowing it to look as good as new. In some cases, they are honed down, exposing a better surface that looks as though it has been recently installed.


Although it’s perfectly possible for individuals to maintain their natural stone floors personally, the maintenance provided by professionals is very different. On a daily basis, it’s necessary to polish the floors using dry and wet methods in order to remove any smudges that can cause the surface to become dull. This also prevents any stains from settling on the surface which can ruin the perfect surface. Professional maintenance offers a more thorough cleaning and is still necessary even if the surface is polished on a daily basis. This is because professional work utilizes different materials that provide deeper and more satisfying clean. This should be done on a regular basis to delay the need for restoration and repair.

Prestige Stone Care has had years of experience and ample research done on the different types of stones being used for construction today. They therefore have a very good idea of what materials can best address the current problems of their client. Special services may be asked for, depending on the circumstances. Prospective clients are advised to visit the main website and find out more about the polishing service of Prestige Stone Care.